AGM: Of Course We’d Like Fries With That!

Ten minutes ago, these were potatoes. Ylab held its first member’s Annual General Meeting on June 20 at the DDO. How do you get a bunch of makers to actually show up for a boring meeting? Hold a BBQ! Can we be any clearer that it’s a ylab BBQ event? July 25 is the anniversary of our first event, so it’s not quite a full year. Fiscal...

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Laser cutter class tested on ylab rats

Ylab members volunteered themselves to test out and be tested themselves in our first two formal classes since moving into the DDO – our Intro to 2D CAD, followed by our Ylab Laser Cutter Certification. No actual rats harmed by this laser cutting. Since we want a solid foundation to build-on, we used the free version of DraftSight, a CAD program...

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No Open House Wed Apr 13 – Laser Cutter Class

Open house is cancelled this week  – Wednesday April 13 – due to our members-only laser cutter class taking over the space. Ylab paid-up members are allowed to come in for whatever activity they normally do. Ylab’s laser cutter at work. What else would we cut?

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March 29: Qualcomm Hosting Next Ylab/North of 41 Event

Our last corporate event at Lenovo was such a success that we’re doing it again – and this time, Qualcomm Canada is hosting us. Breakfast with the CEOs: Innovation and Technology in the Cloud Come out and hear how three York Region companies have innovated to use cloud computing to create new  lines of business. These...

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Habemus Lux Gladium! (We have a laser cutter!)

All great announcements should be in latin.(*) On Monday night we took delivery of our brand spanking new laser cutter – a monstrous 90W unit with a 24″ x 36″cutting surface. OK, it’s a big giant laser. Now what do we do with it?   You can feel the excitement. At least he didn’t take a selfie with it. Now comes...

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Firsts this week for ylab, York Region, and the world!

Hasn’t been a blog post in a few weeks… because it’s better to be doing than blogging. But once in a while, we need to post something – or people claim nothing is happening! York Region is the y and the why of ylab – and this week we had a bunch of firsts in three different cities. At our DDO maker space in Richmond...

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Membership has its privileges. And duties.

Before. Yuck. Monday December 14 was our first members’ only night. Since ylab is an all-volunteer effort, that of course means we got down to some hard work cleaning up the space. Thank you for your membership payment. Now get to work. Our call for equipment donations produced some very timely results. Big thanks to Eric for the compressor and ShopVac....

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Maker Space Membership Update – the Paperwork

“ME 401 QuickJob” by Nina Paley – Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork. We’re  making progress, but not there yet. The good news is that a lot of the heavy lifting is pretty much done – formal incorporation as a non-profit;...

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Jay’s Markham Makers group on has been a big part of ylab from the start. The group was  the initial core, providing a great mailing list for our successful  kick-off event. We’re moving from subtle usurping to all-out takeover. It’s now a formal part of ylab. Some of the recent changes...

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Changing gears to become a maker space.

“Be careful what you wish for”, they say. ylab is making the transition to become a maker space. ylab started with the goal of  building a real tech community up here in southern York Region – Markham, Richmond Hill, Thornhill and Vaughan. There are scores of technology companies in the area, but outside work, everything...

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