A.I. North and Python

Our monthly data science and artificial intelligence series A.I. North was started by machine learning guru and ylab member Lucian. It’s grown to include topics from beginner to expert, Python programming classes, Jupyter notebook sessions and general topics covering the hottest issues in A.I.

We’ve already kicked off 2021 with our first sessionon January 4. If you missed it, you can find the slides below. There are some great links to some important classes and materials.

You can find our monthly sessions and more   on our events page. Registration for our sessions is from our meetup group where you will be emailed the on-line session link.

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently cross-posting events on both the Ylab maker space and the A.I. North meetup groups. We anticipate dropping the A.I. North group some time in 2021. To avoid duplicate announcements and keep up on the latest events, please join the ylab meetup group and drop the A.I. North group.

Resources for Learning A.I. and Python – Including our Free Training of the Month

Our blog post on learning A.I. and Python has links for courses and projects ranging from  beginners to university-level – including the Free Training of the Month we mention in our presentations.

Slides and docs from past presentations

Feb 1 2021: Biased Data Creates Biased Models

Jan 4 2021 presentation: A.I. Gets a Bite of Reality Sandwich:

  • PDF
  • ODP (Libre Office Impress – should be readable in recent versions of Microsoft Powerpoint)

Click here for the slides and materials from our last Python for Programmers session. 


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