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We built this site to make it easier to get your Canadian Amateur Radio Basic/Basic with Honours license. We focus on getting you through the test. We have some simple slides and videos with a hard focus on exactly what’s required, and simple (and some consider silly) hints to help you remember the answers. Read the full FAQ about our training method here.

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We occasionally update our slides, hints and explanations based on feedback. Our change and update log is here.


  • The question bank and rules for the tests and for ham radio usage in Canada are governed by Innovation Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED Canada), which was formerly known as Industry Canada.
  • Our videos and slides reference Industry Canada, but the quiz questions have all been updated with the new name to reflect the changes in the official ISED Canada question bank. 

Sections on this page:

Optional Reference Materials

  • We highly recommend the Canadian Amateur Radio Basic Qualifications Study Guide. It’s way more than a study guide – it’s a complete reference to amateur radio in Canada. It goes beyond the information required for the test to give you a comprehensive grounding. If you’re going to be operating a radio, you should have a copy.
  • There’s also a 170 page study guide here that we refer to in some of the slides. It has a lot of great info and diagrams. Note: we did not write it. We’ve received several tips on possibilities for reaching the original authors. We’ll follow up when we have time!
  • Phonetics, Q-Codes and Resistors cheat sheet. PDF. Excel.

How to take the class

Video or slides? It’s your choice. The video for each section is a presentation of the slides, with some additional commentary. If you get tired of the instructor’s voice, go for the slides.

  1. We recommend you create an account for yourself on the Quiz Global web site. You can do it without the account, but it’s nice to keep track. They only use email and do not require any privacy information.
  2. Read the Intro to the Material slide deck or watch the video (number zero. in the table below). It has a lot of info on how the test works
  3. For each module section below:
    • Either watch the video or download the slide deck and read it on your own. The slides and videos do not always contain all the information required for the module. Some information you will learn by taking the test and reading the hints and explanations. The slides and videos may refer to other web sites or to pages in the study guide.
    • Take the tests and learn! With the hints and explanations, after going through each test three times, you should start to retain the information and get better at it. Two ways to play:
      • Play Auto: You complete all the questions, then see how you did.
      • Play Manually: You see the results after each question
  4. Keep repeating Step 3. We recommend that each time you pass a new module, you take all the preceding tests again to keep it fresh. Continual review helps it to sink in.

How to handle the tougher sections

Unless you are already familiar with electronics, sections 13, 15 and 18 will give you the biggest headache. Our slides and videos cover these sections with less depth that many would prefer. This is deliberate.

Go over the material, and on those sections, practice and try to get 80% or better. Don’t push it too hard.

In reality, when the test comes up, maybe you’ll be down to 50% on the questions from these sections.

For most of the other sections, we recommend that you repeat the quiz until you get 90% or better. For the safety-related section, we recommend 100%.

By focusing on the easier sections, your total mark will be good enough to pass the test. And your head will hurt a lot less.

But if you want to know more, you are welcome to study the reference material.

When you’re ready for a full practice test…

ISED Canada has that covered. So we didn’t bother.

When you are ready to take the test: how to find an examiner

What does it cost? What’s the process? Do the class and you’ll find out!

Here are some links:

    • Choose three call signs because the one you want might not be available by the time you complete the test. The examiner will need these to fill out the paperwork.
    • Find your closest amateur radio club at RAC or at this site. They will be happy to hear from you and will usually recommend an examiner who is close by. Bonus: it will be your first local radio club contact.
    • Search for an examiner on the ISED Canada website. Warning: the City search is crap, using only the exact spelling for a match. 
    • Go to your nearest ISED Canada office

Introductory and Supplementary Slides and Video

In addition to the slides, videos and quizzes for the test, we have added supplementary information to cover some of the topics in more depth. The information is useful if you have the time and desire to digest it. You can also check it out before getting into in-depth study. We’ve tried to keep it as simple and understandable as possible.

The info is provided as pages or blog posts, and sometimes as video. Slides are available for other instructors who want to use the material.

No. Supplementary Topic Blog or page PPTX Video
0 Bands, bandwidth and frequency ranges Blog PPTX Video

Class Slides, Videos and Quizzes

PLEASE NOTE: We have not had the time to update the slides and videos yet to reflect the name change from Industry Canada to Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada. But we have updated all the questions in the quizzes to match the ISED Canada question bank.

Quiz Global, the site we use for the quizzes, has made a change to how their site operates. The quiz links in the table below will now take you to a class page, and you will need to click again on the appropriate quiz number.

You can also work the class directly from the quizglobal page, where we now provide the same links to the videos and slides.


No. Topic and Quiz PDF PPTX Video
0 Why ham radio? Just a video     Video
0 Course intro. WATCH THIS FIRST     Video
0 Test tricks and hints. No quiz – just slides to read. Or watch the video.
PDF Slides PPTX Video_0
1 Ham Rules and Regulations PDF PPTX Video_1
2 Ground, Power and Resistors PDF PPTX Video_2
3 Rules and basic frequencies  Same slide deck as Quiz 1. You need to review it anyway. PDF PPTX Video_1
4 Frequencies, power and bandwidth PDF PPTX Video_4
5 Repeaters and radiophone PDF PPTX Video_5
6 Licensing and cross-border PDF PPTX Video_6
7 Antenna regulations PDF PPTX Video_7
7B Safety and radiation limits PDF PPTX Video_7B
8 Radio components PDF PPTX Video_8
9 Antenna, connections and SWR. Also study slides and video for quiz 8. PDF PPTX Video_9_17
10 Bandwidth, modulation and data PDF PPTX Video_10
11 Power and Batteries PDF PPTX Video_11
12 Grounding and safety PDF PPTX Video_12
13 Amps, transistors and vacuum tubes PDF PPTX Video_13
14 Energy and gain PDF PPTX Video_14
15 Inductors, capacitors and transformers PDF PPTX Video_15
16 Transmission line PDF PPTX Video_16
17 Advanced Antenna PDF PPTX Video_9_17
18 Frequencies, propagation and atmosphere PDF PPTX Video_18
19 Interference and troubleshooting PDF PPTX Video_19
20 On-air protocol PDF PPTX Video_20

ISED Canada Links

Practice test questions here. Our tests use questions from this same question bank. We just organise them differently and add the hints and explanations. You can also generate an official 100 question test – exactly what you should expect when writing your certification exam.

Search for call signs here. You can see what’s available, but you can’t reserve it. You can only lock it down after you’ve passed your certification test. As new licensees, you must select the 3-letter suffix.

The ISED Canada question bank in ASCII text format is on this page.

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