Baofeng DM-X/DM-1702: Is this the saddest radio ever?

If only as a warning to others. Way back in 1976, General Motors introduced the Chevette, a sad little cramped hatchback that, when equipped with the automatic transmission, could barely drag itself above 100 km/hour. Friends had rusted-out Pintos and Toyotas that we would rather ride in than a new Chevette. GM was the biggest automaker...

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A cheaper antenna: the Red Green J-Pole

What else would you expect? People make J-Pole antennas out of all kind of things… copper pipe… twin-lead/ladder line. But who has that kind of stuff lying around the house? And the tools to work it? Everybody has speaker wire! Old speaker wire. Now that’s something a lot of people have lying around. If you took a ham...

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Talking around the world with a handheld radio: the magic of IRLP

Talking around the world with a handheld radio: the magic of IRLP If you have a handheld radio and live in almost any populated area in Canada, you can reach a repeater to have your signal rebroadcast with much more power and much farther away. If the repeater supports IRLP, you can connect to other repeaters around the world by punching in tones...

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