From Markham Makers to Ylab

December 06, 2015


Jay’s Markham Makers group on has been a big part of ylab from the start. The group was  the initial core, providing a great mailing list for our successful  kick-off event.

We’re moving from subtle usurping to all-out takeover. It’s now a formal part of ylab. Some of the recent changes include:

  • Our Robotycs discussion forum
  • It’s where we store our design and tutorial documents
  • Accepting payment for our events, without the service charge you get on Eventbrite.
  • Rebranding to be less Markham-specific. After all, our space at the DDO is in Richmond Hill!

Expect to see more changes soon as we rebrand, re-logo, re-name and generally re-organise it. Some of the work involves changing URLs, so some of the links you use may not work. If you can’t find something, search on for ylab – and please let us know if a link is broken.

Another part of the work is better links from the web site, and transitioning the event calendar to link to the events. Our web site wizard Avery is on the case. Be patient with him. In the interim, we will continue to post events on both and Eventbrite.

Big thanks to Jay for all his work setting up the group – and all the other things he does for ylab.

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