Ylab Fall Kick-Off: DDO News Backlog Part 1.

We’ve been quiet on the blog over the spring… and even quieter over the summer as we got distracted by vacation, herding kids around, long lazy evenings and other seasonal distractions. We have a lot of news to catch up on, and we’ll start with the most important thing: our wonderful home at the City of Richmond Hill’s...

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Raspberry Pi Project: Zeroshell Firewall and Captive Portal

Disaster recovery in a briefcase. Part 1. A ylab member has a requirement for a backup firewall… and more. At her company, they use a top-quality commercial firewall that provides and front-ends a suite of other services like,VPN access into the company and a captive portal to control to several outbound VPNs to customer. They use multiple...

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Ylab at Richmond Green Library Maker Day 2019

Ylab invades a library. Again. Richmond Hill’s Richmond Green Library held their third annual March Break Maker Week Kick-Off on Saturday March 9 2019 – and ylab was there. It’s ylab… so of course we had light sabres! Mandatory equipment: 3D printed DDO dome an light sabres. A big hit with the kids was the hand-cranked...

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Not necessarily as illustrated. Not necessarily as illustrated. Not necessarily as illustrated. Not necessarily as illustrated. Not necessarily as illustrated.

Robotycs nights back at Ylab

More robots! More mayhem! Many of the early ylab members were brought together by their love of robotics, and on Tuesday February 19 they’ll be sharing the love with our first Robotycs open house since our re-opening. This will be the start our our monthly Robotycs nights. There have been a lot of advances s since the last time we...

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Meltdown over wall at ylab laser cutter session

Not him. The plastic. The end of 2019’s first January cold snap brought out a whole lot of members and new visitors to our What’s This Laser Cutter Stuff All About? open house. Ylab’s Richard gave an extensive presentation on the materials you can use and the types of engraving you can make. Great attendance from visitors...

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The Big Lathe: History and a Mystery

Did it or didn’t it? Ylab isn’t the only group haunting the DDO. We’re responsible for the strange sounds emanating from the basement – the things that go bump in the nights we are there. OK, more than bumping. Sparking, zapping, banging… On the upper floors we have the Royal Astromical Society of Canada Toronto Center...

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8th Richmond Hill Scouts Rube Goldberg Machine

All this just to pop a balloon??? While ylab maker space is for adults, it doesn’t stop us from helping out with some stuff for kids. If you’ve come to one of our open houses, you’ve seen some of the things we’ve put together for Scout groups and camps. This fall we provided some assistance for a Rube Goldberg machine...

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92 year old metalwork lathe. Like new. *NOT* for sale.

Historical precision Jan 6 2019 update: 1926… or 1928? Learn more about the mystery here. An important part of ylab’s activities in our home at the David Dunlap Observatory is ensuring we respect the historic nature of the facility. Sometimes this includes the great privilege and responsibility of maintaining some of the workshop...

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Ylab and A.I. North team up: Python crash course on Sept 20

  Ylab member Lucian has been running the Artificial Intelligence North meetups for the last couple of years at Markham Public Libraries’ Angus Glen branch. He’s had an incredible variety of quality speakers and topics  – machine learning, neural networks and more. Click on the link to see for yourself. The meetups have...

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