Robotycs nights back at Ylab

February 14, 2019

More robots! More mayhem!

Many of the early ylab members were brought together by their love of robotics, and on Tuesday February 19 they’ll be sharing the love with our first Robotycs open house since our re-opening. This will be the start our our monthly Robotycs nights.

There have been a lot of advances s since the last time we had a Robotycs meetup. Technology has moved from simple range finders to full-room LIDAR scanners. Costs have dropped dramatically, with some amazing deals on Arduino-based kits that give you lots of room to learn and to innovated.

Our Robotycs evenings all start off with show-and-tell, where you can bring in your creations to demonstrate, or just to ask for help and advice.

We’ll be giving an overview of what’s in the new kits and why we like it.

Register here to come out and join the fun.

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