Memberships: We’re off and running!

Sign here. Press hard.  (Photo by stockimages from We  announced our membership structure and fees on our maker night at the DDO on Wednesday, December 9 – and we have our first sign-ups! Ylab board member Ruby is the first ylab maker space member.  When ylab was just a notion of a concept, ...

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Maker Space Membership Update – the Paperwork

“ME 401 QuickJob” by Nina Paley – Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork. We’re  making progress, but not there yet. The good news is that a lot of the heavy lifting is pretty much done – formal incorporation as a non-profit;...

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Jay’s Markham Makers group on has been a big part of ylab from the start. The group was  the initial core, providing a great mailing list for our successful  kick-off event. We’re moving from subtle usurping to all-out takeover. It’s now a formal part of ylab. Some of the recent changes...

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Changing gears to become a maker space.

“Be careful what you wish for”, they say. ylab is making the transition to become a maker space. ylab started with the goal of  building a real tech community up here in southern York Region – Markham, Richmond Hill, Thornhill and Vaughan. There are scores of technology companies in the area, but outside work, everything...

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Radio. Ra-D-D-O. Not your grandfather’s ham radio.

Volunteers from  the  York Region Amateur Radio Club came out to the David Dunlap Observatory to give us a presentation on how they’ve moved on from vacuum tubes to the Internet age. You have to memorise all these frequencies to get your ham radio license. OK, not really. The presentation was a real eye-opener. Amateur...

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Robotycs Toy Hacks – They’re Alive!

We held our second Robotycs hands-on night on Nov 11 to continue the toy hacks. It’s great to see new faces coming out to every event, and to see others become regulars. DC power supply. Works much better than batteries for testing. Volunteers brought in a variety of equipment to help things along, and Robot Ross gave a quick presentation...

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Big Mix Night: Robotycs, Arduino, Car Hacks and the DDO!

Wed Nov 4, 2015. It was like a whole bunch of ylab events, shaken up, mixed together and served up with everyone wondering how on earth the unholy mess would taste. Our friends at the David Dunlap Observatory somehow agreed to let us in to the darkest recesses of their basement for what was supposed to be a barely-announced Robotycs hands-on night....

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First Robotycs Meeting: New Faces, Enthusiasm and a Fast Robot Build

Accompanied by their builders and a bunch of  budding and accomplished roboticists, a menagerie of robots  crowded into Logics Academy for ylab’s inaugural Robotycs meeting.  The all-too-human Robot Ross gave an intro to the group’ and some potential direction. A big part of it will be participants...

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Sold Out Event At The David Dunlop Observatory

DDO. WOW. We sold out and filled every seat available for Makers at the David Dunlap Observatory: Old Tech Meets New Tech. Arriving visitors who had never seen the site were slack-jawed at the beautiful telescope and administration building. The David Dunlap Observatory, sitting right smack in the middle or Richmond Hill, is Canada’s largest...

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