Memberships: We’re off and running!

December 13, 2015
Sign here. Press hard. (Photo by stockimages from
Sign here. Press hard.  (Photo by stockimages from

We  announced our membership structure and fees on our maker night at the DDO on Wednesday, December 9 – and we have our first sign-ups!

Ylab board member Ruby is the first ylab maker space member.  When ylab was just a notion of a concept,  she volunteered to be on the board –  and immediately asked to buy a membership. She beat everyone else to the punch. Her chequebook has been open and waiting ever since.

We’re offering three types of membership:

  • Class A / Full Membership, available on an annual basis
  • Class B/ Associate Membership, available on a 3-month basis
  • A University/College Associate Membership, available on  4-month school term basis

Full details are documented in the Ylab group. You need to join the group to see the files, with the details on each level in the main agreement and pricing in Schedule D. Go the the More tab and select Files to see the agreement. We’ll be putting the documents on github shortly… we think… after some eager volunteer sets it up for us.

Wednesday nights will be our open house evenings to visit and find out more if you have any questions. We will be open this Wednesday, December 16, and we’ll determine shortly if we will taking a break for the holidays. Questions or comments? Ask away in our membership discussion forum (join up to access).

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