Tool warranty honored. Finally.

November 29, 2020

We’ve had  post or two about problems with certain MasterCraft tools. We also posted about it on facebook where Canadian Tire responded, asked us for contact info, and then… crickets.

So just to show that I’m not just a whining complainer…

I’ve had a Craftsman ratchet for… decades. Let’s not give away our age. About a decade ago, it broke. Sears Canada by that time had strayed and replaced their high-quality hand tools with some inferior stuff. I refused the exchange, thinking I would take it with me on a future trip to the US for exchange there. They did give me a repair kit, which turned out to be the wrong one. So it sat in the back of the tool box.

Lowes recently started selling Craftsman tools, and announced that they would honor the lifetime warranty on the Craftsman hand tools – even the old ones from Sears. Yeah! So I dug it up from the toolbox, walked in to Lowes. Wow! It looks like the quality Craftsman of old! But when I went for the exchange… I was told no. I had to take it up directly with Craftsman.

Harrumph. So I checked the web site. The wording was unequivocal – bring it in to the store, and we’ll replace it.  I emailed Lowes Canada.

And they responded! The local store manager contacted me – on the phone! Came out to see me when I went in to the store! And I have a new ratchet!

Way to go, Lowes! Nice to see a great line of tools is back with the great original warranty.

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