Ylab Fall Kick Off update: New gear for more metalwork

October 18, 2019

A few of our posts involve some metalwork. That would not be possible without some serious hardware

Thanks to some donations and astute purchases we’ve picked up a couple of things over the summer.

We now have our own drill press. Bigger and better than the loaner unit we had sitting on the workbench. Just in time, too, since the loaner unit had to be returned. It comes has a killer vise and it’s own solid steel stand. Really solid. Profanity-to-get-it-carried-in solid.


Then there’s the horizontal metal bandsaw. A nifty piece of gear that uses gravity to keep the blade on the material.

Yeah, it’s kind of hard to understand what it does by just looking at it in the picture.

We’ve also picked up some minor things – like a pop riveter. We mention it because of this post where we did terrible things to a microwave. There was some nice shiny metal left over from the enclosure, so we used the riveter and some of the other new gear to make a tray for the riveter.

Spot the fabrication mistakes.

We’ll be kicking off some fall sessions to show everyone how to use this and other gear for your own cool projects.

We have more stuff. Check out posts like this one to see what else we’ve been up to with the metal stuff.


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