More equipment! More fun!

October 07, 2021

Dual 3D printers. No waiting.

Everything is slowly coming back to life in our evil lair at the David Dunlap Observatory.

As last reported, we spent the first couple of nights getting our popular laser cutter in operation.

We have more equipment donations and loans, and we’re setting those up and shaking them down.

In 3D printers, our reliable Qidi 1 keeps on ticking. Member Craig has provided us with a long-term loan of a better and faster Qidi X-Pro. Both are back in operation and looking fine.

Aw nuts. Well, one small white nut. Hot off the press printer.

We’ve also acquired an old Singer industrial sewing machines and a Juki serger. The pros tell us these oldies are the ones to have. But they needed some TLC and tune-up. Volunteer Eling came in and spent hours getting them back in shape. They’ve been needled, threaded and are ready to go. How serious are these machines? They need oil changes, for crying out loud! Crankcase like a car on both of them!

Our sewing machine tech at work. With respect. Because the machine is older than her.

Someone threw a nice heavy-duty Arrow glue gun our way. Who knew these could clog up so badly that they require disassembly to remove the great gobs of hardened glue?

Glue gun donation. Nothing to sniff at.

On the other hand, it’s good news that the gun can be disassembled and repaired. It’s not just some glued-together, throw-away piece of junk.

We’ll have more updates as we get on to more projects.

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