First Member-Only Night of 2016 on Monday Jan 4.

January 05, 2016

Monday January 4 was our first member-only night of 2016. We formally welcomed as new members ylab regulars Brooke and Jay . That’s a polite way of saying that they each gave us a cheque. We need to work out some kind of formal ceremony. Maybe something with a light sabre. Any volunteers to dress up as Princess Leia with the cinnamon bun hair-do?

We took delivery of a big workbench, some cabinets, and a refreshment fridge. Jay made great progress with the Rep-Rap 3D printer, and light-saber engineering continued.

It was all made easier and more pleasant by the work some volunteers did over the holidays. More  clean-up. The second metal press has been removed. And a computer rack has appeared.

More tools and equipment are trickling in. Soldering irons ordered and arriving Any Day Now. Internet connection is running reliably.

The technical crew has been reviewing laser cutter specs and haggling with suppliers. We’re down to the final candidates. Everything was slowed down by the vendors being AWOL over the holidays.

Mondays member-only nights and Wednesday Open House nights are now scheduled on the ylab site, and be sure to check out the  great new banner picture from Avery. We’ll be adding the Open House nights to EventBrite. We’re working on how to get the meetup calendar up on the ylab web page.

Lots more in the works. Stay tuned…


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