Free ham radio class! On-line! But why?

Stuck in your house during COVID? Want to talk to people but don’t want them to see your sequestration hair-do or lack thereof? Wishing you had done more to properly learn electronics? Too much dust on your voltmeter and soldering iron – if you can find them? Think a ham radio license would be interesting, but frightened away by the size of the study guide? And what the heck is that stick with the bits of broken tape measure screwed to it on the picture?

Have we got a deal for you!

Over the last couple of years, ylab has worked with a Scout group to develop our own Canadian Amateur Radio training materials. We’ve distilled what you need to learn to the most essential elements, and we’ve structured the training to focus on the easier parts of the test and still get you a passing grade.

We have slides.  We have videos narrating the slides with commentary. We have slides you can go back to when the narrator’s nattering starts to annoy you.  We have our own quizzes with hints and explanations to train you for the test.

And it’s free. Free as in beer. Free as in open source. Free as in feel free to criticise… but step up to improve it. That’s what open source is about. 

Best of all, we’ve found that the ham radio community has people incredibly qualified in electronics, arduino and all the other stuff we love. And they’re eager to help beginners.

The course is  here, and we’ll be adding more material and projects tailored to beginners on our new Radio page. What are you waiting for! Get started!

BTW: that stick with the bits of tape measure is a fully-functional Yagi antenna. Take the class and find out why it’s useful. And regret chucking out that broken old tape measure.


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