Connector Installation Secret Revealed!

No matter how many youtube videos I watched… no matter what type of connector… no matter how many times I did it… I always mess up something when I install a connector. My rule when buying connectors: for every one I need, buy another because I’m going to mess one up.

The screw-ups include mutilating pins when crimping or soldering… forgetting to put on the crimp sleeve… shredding the braid so there isn’t enough to be useful… dropping the pin, never to be seen again… oh, right, this cable needed a female connector… forget to put the heat-shrink over the cable  the list goes on.

Then something happened.

Yesterday, four connectors in a row went on without problem. I thought I lost a pin. I swore I heard it bounce on the floor. My son found it later on the carpet somewhere else in the house. 

So what made the difference? Why the sudden success?

Then I looked down and noticed the shirt I was wearing. New shirt I just picked up. Style I don’t normally wear.

The plaid shirt! Just like all old ham radio guys in the videos!

Why didn’t they list that as a requirement? Or are they trying to keep it secret?

Maybe it’s superstition. Maybe arms work better when they’re kept warm in nice soft cotton, without being overheated by fleece or wool.

I’m not taking any chances. I’ll try it again the next time I need to put on some connectors.


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