More progress settling in at the DDO

April 24, 2018

We’re settling in and things and getting back to as normal as normal gets for ylab.

The laser cutter is back in operation and better than ever. We spent a lot of time calibrating, and the precision is better than it was when new. We are having to re-set some of the cutting settings for less power or time.

It’s a maker space. What else would we name it?

We proved it out by making out door signs. Our original room is now known as the ylab maker room.

It’s still the DDO workshop. Now featuring our logo.

The DDO workshop… well, it should always be known as the workshop. Inside, we mounted a board with the laser cutter certification plaques that every class graduate makes up for themselves.

More gear back from storage in members’ garages.

The tool board is back up. If you look at the top right corner, that’s the Founding Members plaque we promised so long ago. We finally got around to it. Names blurry in the picture to protect the guilty.

Members are starting to bring their equipment back in. We have a drill press, the oscilloscopes and a new 3D printer by the end of the week.

And best of all, members are coming back in to work on their projects.

First seminars will be announced next week!

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