Laser cutter returns to the DDO

April 13, 2018


Our laser cutter. Back in its home sweet dome.

On Wednesday night, the weather gods shone down on us and stopped the downpour just in time to get the our laser cutter loaded up at from the undisclosed location (a.k.a Richard’s garage).

After we got it loaded. Because you really, really don’t want to see inside Richard’s garage.

All it took was a trailer, a tow vehicle,  a tarp, some ratchet straps and a minivan to hold all the parts and accessories.

ylab gets a lot of mileage out of our laser cutter.

No elevator at the DDO, so we build our own ramps to get it down the service stairs.

Nice weather. Just in time.
That’s our ramp. Not an optical illusion at the bottom. We made it crooked to round the corner.

Big thanks to ylab members Richard, Craig, Jack, Jay and Peter for getting this done.


Tug-of-war against the machine.
Safely in the basement with the delivery team.
Checking it out and cleaning it up.

We cleaned it up but we still need to check it out and  recalibrate it.  There were a few potholes along the way, but not on Hillsview Drive or the DDO driveway. We should have that done by next week.

This is what you look like when you get your garage back and can park your car inside again.

Special thanks to the guy who loaned us the trailer. We won’t mention his name in order to prevent a flood of requests from people wanting to borrow trailers. Like, for instance, us.

Disclaimer: no sacrifices, human or animal, were made to appease the weather gods.  They did it of their own volition. Or maybe because of the prayers of that lady who gets her parking space back.

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